There are thousands of tiny reasons why a conservatory can be the centre of your home. Often it’s a place for you to relax after a long day or have your morning coffee, basking in the natural light. It’s a place for family dinners (when you manage to gather everyone together) and a space where you can appreciate some me-time. A conservatory can be beautiful, as well as functional, and it represents something special. After years of hard work and plenty of planning, a conservatory marks a change if your life. You and your home is entering a new phase, and its completely one of a kind.

Here at Conwy Valley, in Llandudno, for us, these are the very reasons why a conservatory can be the focal point of your home. It’s not just about expanding your house and making lots of noise in the process. You are creating a space where you can build new memories together. While it will never take anything away from your existing home, it’s a lovely addition that you can cherish forever.

There are many benefits to adding a conservatory to your home. We know that every home is different, big and small, so we have designed a variety of conservatories to accommodate your every need. From our bespoke designs to our Victorian, Edwardian, and Garden Room ranges, there is something for everyone. Even if you prefer something inspired by nature, we provide timber conservatories that can really make your home stand out. We take pride in our design, in our style, and we always aim to provide excellent customer service.

In the past, many people have been put-off by conservatories because they can sometimes look non-permanent. Everyone has seen a bad extension: it doesn’t flow organically with the existing building and it’s a bit of an eyesore. At Conwy Valley, we design conservatories that look fantastic and can stand the test of time.


Added Space

The great thing about conservatories is that they provide a versatile space for you and your family. Sometimes the living room can feel crowded and the kitchen can be filled with the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The conservatory, occupying the space between your home and outside, has a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere for you to enjoy. Whether you want to unwind or read a good book, your new addition will make everything easier.

There are lots of occasions throughout the year when it feels like you could do with a little more space. When you are entertaining family and friends, a conservatory allows to branch out beyond your own private space. You won’t need to worry about whether there is enough space and if you can fit everyone around the table. You can relax, safe in the knowledge that the hard work has been done for you.

In the summer, a conservatory is the perfect way for you to enjoy outdoors with the convenience of indoor facilities. You don’t need to worry about your conservatory becoming too hot either. We provide a range of blind and shutters which keep your extension at a temperature you enjoy. Even during the colder months, we have designed our conservatories so that you complete control. Our superior design and technology ensures that your conservatory will always be comfortable. The days when conservatories either felt like glasshouses or freezers are long gone.

Lighting and Design

One of the greatest benefits to having a conservatory is being able to take advantage of the natural light. We live in a country with a beautiful seasons and a conservatory allows you to appreciate the very best of nature (even if it’s too cold to venture out!). Even if you live in the city, a conservatory will allow you to appreciate your garden regardless of the season. It’s your little haven, so why shouldn’t you spend as much time with it as possible?

We create a variety of windows which make the most of natural light. Whether you like traditional designs, or a statement bay window, we have something that can make your home special. Depending on your home and your tastes, at Conwy we also design bow windows and turn windows. We love a great aesthetic but we understand that things have to be practical. Plus, let’s not kid around, good windows are always much easier to maintain.

In addition to lighting control, a conservatory provides you with the perfect opportunity to get creative and design a space that suits you. The aesthetic of a conservatory is always important and we aim to deliver something that you can make you proud. There are as many ways to decorate your conservatory interior as there are conservatories themselves. It might not have occurred to you, for example, that not all conservatories need to be white.

Decide what function your conservatory will serve. Even if it’s dining and special occasions, it should serve doubly for when you want to relax and unwind. Take your time to find something that suits you.

Energy Efficiency

These days, with soaring energy bills, it’s important that conservatories do their bit and keep your energy prices low. Here at Conwy Valley, we provide double glazing on many of our windows and door seals. This will reduce draughts and make sure that there are no leaks at all.

We also ensure that our conservatories are manufactured to the highest standard. Amongst others, we also build some of our conservatories with PVCu; a durable and hardy material that’s extremely energy efficient.

Conwy Valley Windows are experts in creating cost-effective garden extensions that will compliment your property. We specialise in all types of construction and be promise to execute our conservatories to the highest possible standard.



We provide a variety of conservatories that can suit you and your home. We understand that there is no ‘one-size fits all’. Every house is different and your conservatory should be a beautiful addition, not an obvious extension. We have three main styles which prove incredibly popular. We appreciate classic design, with a contemporary edge, and we love great quality. Here are some of our favourite designs.


Our range of Victorian conservatories are incredibly popular and showcase our love of traditional designs. The Victorian style, with its stained glass windows and ornate features, truly stand out. We have been inspired by Victorian design because its classic, simple, and has a fantastic aesthetic. Our use of glass creates a light and airy atmosphere throughout the conservatory. The Victorians loved appreciating the outdoors and we feel exactly the same way.

The size of your conservatory is up to you but the Victorian range is particularly flexible. If you have a wonderful garden or want to bring more light into your home, the Victorian design is spacious. Customers in the past have used the Victorian for a variety of functions and events. From dining space, a hobby room, or even a nursery, the Victorian is a great option for many customers.

At Conwy Valley, we want to know what makes you tick. Do you love great design and stylish entertaining? Or would you prefer somewhere quiet where you can appreciate the outdoors?

Come and speak to one of our specialists who will gladly advise you.


Our Edwardian range provides a design that is beautiful and simple. Inspired by the greatest architectural styles of the Edwardian period, we are proud of these conservatories. Our windows are clean, angular, and make the most of the natural light. The rectangular and square designs are incredibly popular because they fit well with the design of houses throughout the UK.

The Edwardian range can be characterised by its airy and spacious design. It’s typically a symmetrical design, with low brickwork and high windows. This practical design, combined with its aesthetic, makes the Edwardian the perfect solution for hosting dinners and parties.

In addition to this, the Edwardian style is the one most transferable into people’s gardens. Whether you have a long garden, or one that is horizontally challenged, the Edwardian range can be appropriately modified.

Garden Room

Our Garden Rooms really are something special. They act as an extension to your garden, the perfect gateway between you and your outdoor space. Many of our customers love to make use of the Garden Room’s natural light and spacious design. If you’ve had a long day and need to relax, the Garden Room is a perfect antidote to the stresses of urban living.

With our large paned windows and PVC materials, we can guarantee to design a space that you’ll love to be in. The Garden Room makes it easy for natural light to pour into your home and you won’t need to rely on artificial lights. Beautiful and more cost effective.

While adding a beautiful aesthetic to your home, the Garden Room can also be multi-functional. Let’s face it, you can’t always be staring longingly into the garden and wishing it was summer. A Garden Room can also be a great alternative to a traditional dining space.


One size never fits all and we love new and interesting design. We specialise in helping you to create your dream home, no matter how big or small. Conwy Valley has a great team of designers and installation coordinators to create your bespoke dream.

Our Bespoke range of conservatories provide you with the creative freedom to build your ideal extension. We have a range of tried and tested designs, but we are always excited to try new things. When you order a Bespoke conservatory, you will work closely with our team at Conwy to build something that meets all of your design and aesthetic needs.

The great thing about going bespoke is knowing that your conservatory is entirely unique. Your home is special to you and your conservatory should be the same.

Further considerations

Before you order your conservatory, there are several things you may wish to consider. Decide what function you want your conservatory to serve. Will it be a space for you to entertain, or would you prefer something more family-orientated?

If you love your hobbies and think your conservatory will double-up as a gym, then consider the structural implications. Perhaps opt for a brick-based building and something that will be able to endure stress.

If you love your garden and want to maximise space, then it’s worth considering a conservatory that will meet your indoor and outdoor needs.

You may also wish to think about your conservatory’s style. It should blend together with your current home but (ideally) also with other potential extensions in your area.

Why Conway Valley?

At Conwy Valley, we have years of expertise in delivering high quality and beautiful conservatories. We have been around for over 100 years so we know exactly what we’re doing. We’re one of the highest regarded companies in the UK and we have a stellar track record of delivering great design. We take pride in our customer service and we will be with you every step of the way.

All our quotes are free and we like to take the time to get to know our clients. We offer 3 years 0% finance deals on all our double-glazing and conservatories.

We are a multi-purpose company that go beyond designing and delivering fantastic conservatories. We also provide PVCu windows, doors, porches, and many other products which can give you the perfect home.

While we can never guarantee that a conservatory will add value to your home, we can promise that it’ll add quality to your daily life.

For us, a conservatory is more than a simple addition to your home. It serves a function, whatever your needs may be, and it offers a versatile and fluid space for your family. Unlike other rooms in your house which can be static, a conservatory is interchangeable and can serve a variety of purposes. Whether you love to entertain, or want some quiet me-time, a conservatory can make daily life that little bit easier.

Here at Conwy Valley, we have a genuine passion for creating conservatories that make homes feel special. As families expand and couples retire, a conservatory can help you appreciate the space and time you have together.

Make use of your new extension. Throw a party, invite the family around for a BBQ, or curl up on the sofa. You’ve earned it.

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