Conwy Valley in Llandudno has an excellent selection of bay windows. They have become very popular over the years because of the smart design and inviting qualities these windows have.

Benefits of Bay Windows:

  • They look much more attractive than the regular variety.
  • They have a slightly vintage look to them
  • Allowing more light to shine through these bay windows can make a room look more inviting, making it a real pleasure to spend time there.
  • The design of bay windows means that they protrude from the outer wall of your home.
  • Added Value to your home –
  • Bay windows are much more aesthetically pleasing to potential buyers.

We can supply bay windows to suit all kinds of buildings, from period properties to modern homes. We are specialists in all aspects of construction, from the planning phase right through to installation, allowing us to assist you through all aspects of your project. It does not matter how large or small a project may be, if you get in contact, we will be able to give you a free quote to give you an idea on how much it all will cost.

If you are interested in having bay windows installed in your home, or would like some more information, simply get in touch with us today.