Double glazing is the most popular type of replacement window in the UK and is fitted as standard by Conwy Valley Windows.

As opposed to being one pane of glass which is double the thickness of single glazing, double glazing is actually two panes of glass with a space of air between them, which is known as the ‘spacer’. This dramatically reduces the amount of thermal energy which is lost through your windows.

Double glazing retains heat much better than single glazing.

Other huge comfort advantages that double glazing offers include dramatically reduced noise pollution, a reduced risk of damp and mold, and better general aesthetics all around. In addition to that, if you come to sell your house, double glazing tends to be much more attractive to prospective buyers.

Benefits of Double Glazing:

  • Warmer
  • Noise Reducing
  • Tougher
  • Safer

If you are looking for even further heat retention and greater security and strength in the glass, please view our triple glazing range.

Extra Info

PVC windows have been fitted in properties for years now and over recent years, the Double Glazing units have improved somewhat. The old style of glazing is simply known as EXTERIOR glazed and the more modern glazing is referred to as INTERIOR glazed. The latter are far better for security and far easier to install as it can all be done from the inside hence requiring no ladders. 80% of the market at this moment in time in the UK however is connected to the EXTERIOR glazed system as this is the older type and we see more units requiring upgrading due to their age. Over time, we will find that the INTERNAL glazed system will generate more replacement enquiries as these units also age, hence the replacement of the Double Glazed units is only set to become easier in the future.