A sunroom or Garden room differs from an orangery in its design. Although they are very similar, a sunroom is traditionally added to the side of a home (preferably facing southwards). Sometimes they are also known as solariums, patio rooms, and even garden rooms. Garden and Sun rooms are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to the traditional conservatory. Many consider their design to be a little more contemporary, and as a result, they are a great option for anyone who has a particularly modern home – or anyone who would like to make their home look more modern.

Here at Conwy Valley we specialise in the design and installation of garden and sun rooms.

The advantages of a garden or sun room:

A wonderful view

The garden and the rest of the home are usually somewhat detached from one another. It is clear where one ends and the other begins, and there are normally bricks and blinds blocking our view of the garden when we are indoors. With a garden room, however, you will have a view like never before. With a heavy focus on glass and a deliberate neglect of brickwork wherever possible, you will enjoy a truly seamless transition between your home and your garden. Once you open up your big doors at the back, you will no longer have those two separate places – they will become one.

Unparalleled natural light facilitation

As there is a heavy focus on large, paned windows, a garden room lets in an amount of light which is hard to beat with any other kind of extension or conservatory. Do not get us wrong, all of our conservatories are designed to invite natural light into your home, but because of the increased transparency which comes with a garden room, you will do hard to beat the brightness of one.

Open space

Garden rooms are a completely blank canvas – unlike conservatories, they tend not to have window sills and therefore you are not as restricted in regards to furniture. As you will most probably have sliding or bi-folding doors which create a seamless transition from your home to your garden, you will most likely keep this space as clutter-free as possible.

A great dining facility

Eating alfresco has never been easier – when you open up the doors at the back of your garden room, you will technically be outdoors, meaning that alfresco dining is now possible from inside your house. This is something you will be really thankful for on breezier days or evenings when a hot day begins to cool down a little. A garden room will allow you to enjoy the ventilation and freshness of the outdoors, whilst keeping you cosy inside your home.

Additional space

It should go without saying, but any sort of home extension or conservatory brings with it valuable additional space. A garden room would be the perfect addition to any family home, especially if the inhabitants in question are particularly keen on the outdoors; not to mention the fact that a family with growing children will need all the extra space they can get. Garden rooms are whatever the homeowner makes of them – their potential is virtually limitless. You can use it as a dining room, a place to watch TV, a reading area or a study (or all of those things). The beauty of it is that you can pretty much do what you like with this space – it is about as adaptable as any room you could ever wish to have.

Why choose Conwy Valley for a garden room?

As one of the most reputable conservatory specialists in the country, here at Conwy Valley, we know exactly what we are doing. Our team is made up a number of talented individuals, and when we come together to create wonderful new spaces for your home, the results are truly astounding.

If you would like to find out more information about our garden rooms and how they can vastly improve your home, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. We can run you through everything from their initial concept to the prices we charge.