Coloured Glass

Coloured windows are a wonderful way to not only add a bit of colour to your house – both inside and out – but they are also a way in which you can add a touch of class. You don’t see that many houses using coloured glass windows, but they can really make a huge difference to the appearance of your house, and the vibrancy of your house’s interior. They will bring light into your house in a unique way, and you of course get to choose exactly what kind of coloured glass is used, so that you get the effects you desire.

There are, however, other advantages of coloured glass windows apart from the fact that they look great (from the exterior and interior). There are a number of benefits to coloured glass, and here are a few of them:

Coloured Glass - Increased Privacy

An increased level of privacy

Coloured glass is of course rather translucent – though it allows a great deal of light in, from the outside of your house it will be much harder to see through in comparison to your standard window. The impact this has on both your perceived level of privacy (and your actual level of privacy) is remarkable – you’ll most likely find that you feel much more peaceful and secluded in your own home as a result of having coloured glass windows installed.

This would definitely be something to consider if your house is set below the road somewhat, as anyone walking past would be able to see right in if you had normal windows. Also, if your house has particularly large windows, again you should consider getting coloured glass to replace your existing set-up, as you’ll notice the difference straight away.

Many people like the idea of coloured glass windows but are put off because they assume that it will prevent light coming into their home (which is of course the purpose of windows in the first place). However, this is not true in any way: coloured glass is ingenious in the sense that it lets in an incredible amount of light, whilst making it harder to see through from the outside. It comes in all manner of colours and shades, so there is definitely one out there for you – one which will let in a gorgeous sort of light, and lots of it!

PVCU Windows

A superb variety of colours and designs

Coloured glass windows are not just dark shades (like the tinted windows you see in cars), though many people believe this is the case. In fact, the opposite is true – coloured glass windows come in so many different colours and shades that you wouldn’t believe it. You can have cathedral type windows if you like, or more modern and understated designs – it is really up to you; just tell us what you want your windows to look like in terms of design and what colour(s) you’d like to incorporate, and we can work with that.

Here at Conwy Valley we pride ourselves on the incredible range of choice we offer our customers across the board – and our coloured glass windows are a perfect example of this in action. We go to great lengths to source our materials so that we can offer our customers the ideal windows for them, no matter what their taste or their budget.

Choice and variety is everything, and here at Conwy Valley we not only understand this fully, but we bear this mind all the time when we go about our business. This is something that will always be prevalent in our company, and we are very proud to say so. Whatever sort of colour you want, we will do our very best to provide it.

Double Glazing

Huge appeal

Due to the fact that coloured glass is rather unusual, it can be extremely appealing when you put your house up on the market. It may not add any particular value, but the fact that coloured glass windows are so striking will mean that your house will stand out from others – which is something that you should always want your house to do, no matter whether the housing market is in good or bad shape.

A high quality coloured glass window will be a long lasting and distinctive feature – one which will give your property character for a great many years after it has been installed. It is worth noting at this point that if your home has had coloured windows installed already – a number of years ago – there is a good chance that it will only be single glazed.

We are aware by now just how cost ineffective single glazing can be – as it means you have to spend a considerable amount more on heating (single glazing of course hemorrhages heat in comparison to double glazing). If, however, you would like to preserve your old coloured windows but at the same time make your home better insulated, we can come in and install two panes of regular glazing on either side of your coloured glass with no trouble at all. This will mean that you get to keep your windows looking wonderfully colourful, whilst improving their heat retention and thereby slashing your future energy bills henceforth.

Coloured windows are truly striking and will be a marvellous addition to any household. When you come to sell your house, you can explain to prospective buyers why you’ve had them put in – and if you mention anything to do with increased privacy you will do well, as of course a high level of privacy is something every prospective house buyer looks for.

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