Whether you would like to give your home a vintage style, or you simply prefer the look and feel of timber windows, the sheer variety available at Conwy Valley, in Llandudno, will simply astound you.

Benefits of Timber windows include:

  • You get to enjoy traditional style windows, while still getting a modern design.
  • There are numerous amount of timber types that can suit different homes. Take the time to pick the ideal one.
  • Reduce noise pollution, increase your home’s security, increase the value of your home and cut the cost of your insurance and energy bills.
  • Easily eliminates any cold spots in your home that are often associated with single glazed windows, and also eradicate mould, damp and condensation issues.

Timber windows are an ideal alternative to PVCu windows, and if you currently have single glazed timber windows fitted in your property, ours can help you to retain the style of your home whilst also benefiting from the eco-friendly and money saving aspects of double glazing.

Our timber frames will suit all kinds of buildings. So, those living in period properties can ensure the atmosphere of their home is kept in place, while people with modern homes, such as new builds, can further develop their property. A lot of new office builds that want to set a sleek and stylish atmosphere choose timber windows because of their aesthetic, as well as the low maintenance properties this material has. A lot of people that have conservatories choose to use timber windows. The fresh ambience this material creates is a great place to bask in the sun, or take shelter in during the winter months.

If you have a specific architectural design that you are aiming to keep, wooden windows can help you with this. These frames have clean, stylish lines and are available in all kinds of colours, so you can choose the type of wood that would best suit your home’s current exterior colour scheme.

We can provide you with replacement wooden windows should you already have a set fitted and simply want to upgrade, or we can fit your first ever double glazed wooden windows.